Due to the low practicality of the Mustang I Mustang concept car, it was rejected by Ford executives. In October 1963, Ford launched the Mustang II concept car, changing the layout to the front of the engine and adopting a four-seat layout. On April 17, 1964, after the repeated demonstration and revision of the Ford team, the first-generation mass production version of the Mustang was officially released at the New York World Expo. The Mustang has since officially shown its style to the world. The price at the time of launch was: $ 2368. Ford’s timetable is very clever. At this time, the generation at the peak of post-war fertility has just entered the age of buying cars. This generation’s requirements for cars are very different from those of their parents. They want to show their personality, and the Mustang came into being. Let us check Ford Bronco Interior.

The interior of the 2018 Ford Mustang 2.3T plus version of the basic model is relatively simple. There is only a 4.2-inch small screen on the center control, and you can watch the reverse image when reversing. But such a small screen still looks quite troublesome. AM / FM single-disc CD with 6 speakers. Although the interior is simple, the multi-function steering wheel + shift paddles are still necessary. The carbon fiber style interior trim panel of the instrument panel is still very good with this sports car.

ford bronco interior

The 2018 Ford Mustang 2.3T plus version of the basic model cut off 17 main and co-driver electric seat adjustments and changed to manual adjustments. Although it usually affects the user experience, which is equivalent to reducing the configuration, but considering that the Ford Mustang is a two-door four-seater sports car, it is actually more convenient to manually adjust the front seat when you enter the rear row and then move down.

The front row space of the Ford Mustang is quite satisfactory in the sports car. But because of its lower seat design, the headroom is not too cramped when riding. The sports seats are deep in recessed, and the side wings and seat cushions are very wrapped. Although most people will not buy this car to race the track, but such a seat can also give the driver enough when turning at high speed every day. Support to avoid accidents.

Needless to say, the rear space, as a two-door four-seater sports car, the rear space will not be ample, usually in the rear row, but the ride experience will not be very good.

The relatively low roof of the Mustang makes the head space of the rear passengers very tight. It is not difficult to see in the picture that in order to improve the riding experience of the rear passengers, the rear seats adopt a concave design, on the one hand to sink the body and improve the head space, on the one hand, it also plays a role in supporting the body of the sports seat.

The trunk capacity of the 18 Ford Mustangs is 383L. Because after the second row of seats is reclined, the trunk can lead to the cab, expanding the trunk volume. For everyday clothes, it is not difficult to put a small suitcase.