What Are Automobile Accessories

Automobile accessories are the products that service for the automobile. They play a huge role in the car. They are engine fittings, auto lamps and lanterns, automotive interior, electric tools, and more. There are too many types of automobile accessories. And there are more and more car brands, and types of cars are the same. The automobile can be divided into passenger cars and multi-purpose vehicles. And the passenger cars are the automobile with many seats(less than nine), the main purpose for it is carrying passengers. Specifically the passenger cars also are divided into common cars, MPV, SUV and other [...]

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Ford Bronco Interior

Due to the low practicality of the Mustang I Mustang concept car, it was rejected by Ford executives. In October 1963, Ford launched the Mustang II concept car, changing the layout to the front of the engine and adopting a four-seat layout. On April 17, 1964, after the repeated demonstration and revision of the Ford team, the first-generation mass production version of the Mustang was officially released at the New York World Expo. The Mustang has since officially shown its style to the world. The price at the time of launch was: $ 2368. Ford's timetable is very clever. At [...]

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