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Car and Truck Accessories

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Is your bumper old and dented?

reflexxion300Or maybe you just want to add a customized bumper that fits you better then the original ones.

Whether you would like a basic fender flare to add to your vehicle or a rugged one, we have it!

Choose from a variety of fender flares to find one that fits your truck.

Customize you look with a new Hood or Ground Effects

bodystylingMake your ride stand out, add body styling to your car or truck and make the difference. hood300Whatever make or model we have the body styling to fit it, purpose made for that vehicle, so whatever you want, in Body Styling, front and rear bumper covers and valances, fender flares, clearance, front air dams and side skirts we can supply them all.


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Enjoying the spacious hauling aspects a truck gives you compared to a car?

Are you wishing that you could have the luxury of all the space yet also have it protected from bad weather or theft? Find a camper top that fits your truck and needs. Pick from a variety of styles, colors and options.

Tired of going grocery shopping or placing items in the back of your vehicle and having them roll around the while you’re driving?

Wishing you had something to contain the items in one area of your vehicle?

Your wish has come true. Cargo Management allows you to place items in a contained area, without the fear of them rolling all over the place. Cargo Management is available for all sorts of vehicles, from cars to trucks to S.U.Vs. So stop worrying about what might roll around and spill over while you’re driving, and find a Cargo Management that will work for you!

Every type and shape of Tool Box

toolboxProtect your tools from the weather and theft, without using up room in the cab of your truck. Choose from a variety of toolboxes and find the one that works best for your truck.

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Tonneau Covers

Wanting to store items in the bed of your truck? Worried they might get wet or stolen?

Tonneau Covers allows you to store items in the bed of your truck SECURELY and PROTECTED from the weather. Not only that, Tonneau Covers allows you to roll back the cover easily, which makes it very handy when transporting large items.

TruXedo LoPro

Step 1 – Release the latch on the driver’s side to unlock the rear header.


Step 2 – Rear header and bows roll up with cover to form an even, compact roll.


Step 3 – Complete cover self-stores at front of bed with two security straps.



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Hundreds of cars a year are damaged by the sun

causing the paint to crack and peel.

Don’t let you vehicle be the next one! Order a car cover for your car today. Whether it’s a collectors edition or just a spare vehicle that you have sitting in your driveway, you need to protect it with a car cover.

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Lift Kits

lifted truck 300Ready to bring your vehicle to a new LEVEL?

Whether you want to lift you’re truck 1-inch or 9-inches, we have what you need!

If heights not your thing we also have

Lowering Kits


Ride Level Control for towing

Ride Level Control will prevent your vehicle from sagging when loaded down. Ride Level Control will raise up the end that sages making your vehicle completely level and will reduce swaying by 30%.

Ride Level Control is not only great for work vehicles but also for R.V.s, Motorhomes and towing.

Go off on vacation or work with more confidence, knowing that you’re vehicle is level and making it safer to drive.

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Are your seats in your vehicle old, stained and torn?

Looking to replace them with something customized to fit your personality?

Check out our custom seating and see which one is just for you.

Make use of your space!

Now you can store you items in your vehicle without taking up leg room. Use under seat storage compartments. Easy access to your items, yet allowing you to have all the room for those co-workers that carpool with you!

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Looking to add some customized door handles to your vehicle?

Pick from a variety of different styles that fits you best.

These are just a few of the more popular hands we have available.

thumper python triple slinger rtribal icross dedge

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You name it we can supply you with nearly any wheel, so we have something to suit you.

ff15 ff14 ffc26ffc27

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Needing to change your old tires on your car? Looking for some OFF road tires for your truck? You’ve come to the right place!

trailgrabber350 L-hero-tire-OC-MT350 L-hero-tire-OC-RT350 L-hero-tire-OC-ATTII350


Whatever you need to not only make your car or tuck handle well and safe, we can make it look great as well.

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Wanting to protect your carpet from everyday wear?

Tired of scrubbing your carpet in your vehicle and it still not looking clean?

weathertech_floorliner_tan_200Want something to cover up all the stains?

Choose from a variety of floor mats to protect and cover up all those old stains.

Specially made to fit perfectly to your make and model.


Tired of your old dash?

Cover up your existing factory dash with a luxury wood or sport finish, using dash kits.

Check out the website below to find the dash kit that works best for your vehicle!

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Protect your lights with head and tail light covers

chromecovers mirror-covers white tailight taillightcover jeepcover


Or change the look of your car or truck completely with new head or tail light assembles.


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Grilles, Grille Guards & Steps

3step500HeaderImages500 whitetruck500truck500ftruck500wjeep500



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cannon ball express

Whether you just need to replace your car or truck horn, we can supply it. However, why not get heard, and fit a new air horn. These can be mounted out of sight or they can be made a feature on a truck and mounted in full view. And remember we can also fit these for motorcycles as well.

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 Jeep Accessories




Got a Jeep? then we have all the accessories you could ever want for it.

⋅ Tube Flares ⋅ HighRock 4×4 Bumpers and Slideway ⋅ Brackets ⋅ Entry Guards

Plus Unlimited Soft Top Specialty Racks

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Off Road, Winches, Light Kits

Winches No matter what size you’ll need, Rods Car & Truck has a great choice of winches, so don’t get stuck out there and be ready for whatever life throws at you. We can supply winches from any size, ranging from heavy weight large pickup trucks to light weight recreational off road machines.


Off Road Light Kits Light reliability when you need it most. You name it we have it, from the best!



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Rear Window Graphics

Wanting to advertise your business? Or maybe you’d just like to add a design to your rear window?



Create your own window graphics or look through the many designs offered.


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Performance Programmers

We all want more Power & Mileage from our Car or Truck.


Tired of having a chip that will leave you restricted? Performance Programmers allow you to change your settings when you need even on diesel vehicles.


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Please note that if we need to order any item in, it can take from 1-3 working days subject to the manufacturer.